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05 Sep 0 Comment

New Trailer!

Yesterday, we were thrilled to premiere our new trailer to our Kickstarter backers. Featuring footage from the title sequence shoot that our Kickstarter campaign helped fund, it really captures the mission of Jagged and Jessica, the desire to prove to the world that pole dance is art. Check it out now!

22 Jun 0 Comment

And the Winner is….Jagged West!

Last night Jagged West competed in their first ever team competition...and they WON! Hosted by the renowned Jenyne Butterfly, the International Pole Masters Cup Championship featured expert pole artists and athletes from around the world competing in four different categories: female, male, doubles, and teams. Jagged West took home the cup for their amazing performance (which you can see below). We're also thrilled that Mina Mortezaie & Nadia Sharif (frequent Jagged collaborators) won the Doubles category with their awe-inspiring  performance. Congratulations to all the competitors for

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We've launched our Kickstarter campaign and already had an amazing first few days.  The out pouring of support has been amazing.  Clearly, people are recognizing that Jagged's journey isn't just about the struggle for the acceptance of their art form, but also about human beings and the insatiable desire to perform and feel alive. We're 17% there but we still have a long way to go!  We're raising money so that we can hire a composer to write an original score, so we can color and give the film an amazing sound mix, and so we can film a beautiful title sequence for the movie (more on that la

16 Jan 0 Comment

NEW VIDEO: Sarah Mann Solo Piece

While filming the documentary, we've seen every member of Jagged grow and improve their skills both on and off the pole.  Their dedication and talent as dancers continues to inspire us.  Sarah Mann, director of Jagged West, did a solo piece last Friday night at Skinny's Lounge in North Hollywood that reminds us why we follow Jagged around with a camera and spend a good portion of our lives documenting their art.  A big thank you, as always, to everyone who performed.  It was so fun to watch.   Here is a video of Sarah's solo piece to enjoy.  

28 Nov 0 Comment

NEW VIDEO: “The Pretender”

We're excited to post up this performance from JAGGED's first show, When The Curtain Falls.  This is the final dance from the show that that gave us the idea to start this documentary in the first place. Music: "The Pretender" by Foo Fighters Choreography: Jessica Anderson-Gwin Performed by JAGGED