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22 Dec 0 Comment

Film tests!

As the year comes to an end, we're kicking into overdrive as we prep for more filming. Last night, our friend and talented cinematographer, Brandon Alperin, stopped by with his RED Epic camera to help us film some tests.  The film's writer/producer, Katie, was happy to step in and be our pole filming test subject.  Thanks Katie! We shot the RED Epic footage at 240fps for a super slow motion effect and it was pretty exciting once we loaded into the edit bay and toyed with it a bit.  Can't wait to go for the real thing. We'll keep you posted as we gear up for an exciting shoot in the new y

11 Dec 0 Comment

NEW VIDEO: The First Pole Class

We hit 50 followers on Facebook and have posted a new exclusive clip  featuring the cast of OFF THE FLOOR. Enjoy!

01 Dec 0 Comment

Interview with PoleSkivvies

We're really excited to share our first interview about the documentary film!  It was great to get the opportunity to talk a bit about the film and where we see it going.  Thank you to Jennifer over at PoleSkivvies for reaching out and taking the time to chat with us. Check it out here: