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We’ve launched our Kickstarter campaign and already had an amazing first few days.  The out pouring of support has been amazing.  Clearly, people are recognizing that Jagged’s journey isn’t just about the struggle for the acceptance of their art form, but also about human beings and the insatiable desire to perform and feel alive. We’re 17% there but we still have a long way to go!  We’re raising money so that we can hire a composer to write an original score, so we can color and give the film an amazing sound mix, and so we can film a beautiful title sequence for the movie (more on that later!). We are looking forward to being able to produce a really professional and powerful documentary film that we think will change what people think about Pole Dancing.

Please check out the exclusive trailer, watch the video below, and consider making a donation to fund us making this video look and sound as amazing and beautiful as Jagged’s dancing.

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