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10 Apr 0 Comment

Our Title Sequence Shoot Idea

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There are a lot of reasons why we decided to do a Kickstarter campaign, one of which is to raise funds for an opening title sequence shoot. Now you may be thinking “Haven’t you’ve filmed Jagged for two years? Isn’t that enough?” It isn’t and here’s why.

One of our biggest hopes is that by watching this film audiences will appreciate contemporary pole dance for the art that it is. We’re the first to admit that this is a big challenge. For better or for worse, pole dance carries with it a lot of baggage. Our film will help lighten the load, but only if we can quickly convince people that pole dance is an art form.

For most of the production process, we have been a small documentary crew with one or two cameras capturing live events as they unfolded with little control over filming conditions. While the footage we have is beautiful, we really want to introduce audiences to pole dance in the most visually artistic way possible. A well-choreographed dance piece shot in a controlled environment is the best way to get the imagery we need to do that.

I came across this amazing picture by John Spence (styling by Jade Davis) that featured world champion pole dancer Elena Gibson.

The photo said “ART” to me right away and it is one of several inspirations I’m drawing on for this opening title sequence shoot.  We’re working with our composer to write an original piece of music that Jagged will choreograph an original piece to.  Then we’re going to dress the dancers in beautiful costumes similar to the ones in the picture above and film them doing the dance at various frame rates (up to 300fps on the new RED Epic Camera).  We’ll be moving the camera to best capture the movement and the spirit of the piece.  It’s very exciting and we’ve got a bunch of talented people already on board.  While filming, we’ll also be taking publicity stills for the movie. The footage from this shoot will be used to introduce the film, introduce contemporary pole dance, and help elevate the cinematic quality of the documentary.

I hope that gives you a little peek into some of the exciting plans we’re making here.  We know this will be an incredible video and add so much to the film.  Thanks for your support and remember, none of this can happen unless we reach our goal on Kickstarter!

So CLICK HERE to go to the Kickstarter page and donate!

If you want to see more of “The Art of Pole” shoot, you can find some more pictures here.

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