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Interviews, Interviews, Interviews!

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It might be winter, but we’re not hibernating! We’ve spent the month of December interviewing some of the most influential members of the pole community, hearing their incredible stories and their passion for pole.  Extensive list after the jump!

Sergia Louise Anderson – Sergia is the winner of the 2012 Pacific Pole Championship and the 2012 Amateur USPDF Championship. We had a blast filming her at The Vertitude, her aerial arts and pole studio in Canoga Park. Sergia is a former professional dancer who also found herself in love with being able to dance off the floor.
US Pole Dance Federation Championships –
Pacific Pole Championship  –

Kelly Yvonne – Even if you haven’t had a chance to check out Kelly’s show Girl Next Door: A Pole Dance Soiree, the longest running pole show in the world, undoubtedly you’ve seen her choreography for champs like Natasha Wang. Kelly graciously allowed us to film at Choreography House, her training facility for pole stars throughout the world.

Crystal Gibson – Crystal has turned her passion for pole into her career as the owner/founder of Poles on Tour, a pole tour booking agency for some of the world’s leading pole artists. Crystal is also a cast member of Girl Next Door, and an instructor at Choreography House. We reached out to Crystal after seeing her appearance on Anderson Cooper, and we cannot thank her enough for helping us reach out to so many in the pole community!

Nadia Sharif – We’d previously met Nadia when she performed in the pre-show for When the Curtain Falls and also in the Jagged/Kelly Maglia co-venture Catalyst. A self-starter, Nadia learned pole by watching Youtube videos. Nadia performs as a soloist and with her doubles partner (and frequent Jagged collaborator) Mina Mortezaie.
National Aerial Pole Art 2012 Champion –

Cleo The Hurricane – We caught the Miss Pole Dance Australia Champion as she was visiting Choreography House. A rock star of the pole world, she’s known for her unique style that she calls Rock n’ Pole. A lover of the sexy side of pole, we were happy to catch her while she was in town!

Sheila Kelley – Sheila Kelley is the pioneer of the pole fitness and feminine movement as founder of the world-famous S-Factor. An actress, dancer, and innovator, she’s an ardent advocate for the advancement of women and female empowerment. We can’t wait to see her TEDx talk “Let’s Get Naked: A Talk About Men, Women and the Erotic Creature.”

Natasha Wang – With no background in dance or gymnastics, Natasha Wang was a latecomer to the pole scene but she’s now one of the most recognizable performers after winning the USPDF 2011 Championship. She’s appeared he has been a guest performer on “The View” and Good Day L.A, and appeared on the cover of Vertical magazine. Natasha’s also a member of Girl Next Door.
2011 USPDF Championship Performance – “Black Swan” (Choreography by Kelly Yvonne)

Annemarie Davies – Having pole danced since 2002, Annemarie has witnessed firsthand the evolution of pole dance and it’s rapid growth. She’s the founder and CEO of United Pole Artists, an online news source and community for the pole industry that brings together pole dancers around the world. She is also a frequent guest performer at Jumbo’s Clown Room and an instructor at Evolve dance studio in Los Angeles.

We also interviewed Lacy Macgarry who recently joined Jagged West and got to hear from her about how she caught the pole dancing bug in a small town and started her competitive career.  It was exciting to hear how she’s enjoying being a part of Jagged!

We are always astonished at the warm welcome we receive from everyone in the pole community, and we are so thankful to have had a chance to interview all of these amazing women!

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