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21 Oct 0 Comment

In Other Words

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Last weekend we saw Jagged perform their 3rd full length show. It was in every way the kind of performance that was uniquely their style. After learning a lot about the world of pole dance these last few years, there still isn’t a group we know about that is fusing modern dance and pole in this way.

I wanted to blog because as we’re finishing up the film, it’s been a really long road and a lot of work. Watching Jagged perform this weekend was an amazing shot of inspiration and excitement because I felt like I was reliving that moment we first saw them in November of 2010 – almost 3 years ago!!!

So, congrats to all the members of Jagged on a very successful show. I can only imagine how much hard work it is to put something like it together and it’s even more impressive that you put that effort in for the pure passion and art of it. If you weren’t able to see the show, maybe drop them an email at and let them know you’d like to see it again. I know I would!

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