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08 Aug 0 Comment

U.S. National Pole Championships

In less than 10 days, the best and brightest of the pole world will compete at the US National Pole Championships. Held in Redondo Beach, the three day national competition is one of the most respected in the pole world. The competition is hosted by Pole Sport Organization, which was created by pole dancers with experience in mainstream pole competitions in order to bring the opportunity to perform and receive feedback to a wider range of dancers. PSO’s regional and national competitions feature sub-divisions based on skill, age, and gender, allowing dancers of all levels to reach for new he

29 Oct 0 Comment

Heartland Film Festival

From our first night sharing drinks and appetizers with the festival team to our final brunch with members of the board, it was clear that the Heartland Film Festival truly celebrates filmmakers. We could not have been more honored to have Off the Floor included amongst so many great films. In its 23rd year, Heartland takes place in Indianapolis, Indiana, which we were thrilled to discover has a rabid independent film audience. It was amazing to have such smart and engaged folks coming out to see the film! As soon as we arrived we headed to a Filmmaker welcome party.  We instantly

26 Sep 0 Comment

Big Bear Lake Int’l Film Festival

We're still glowing from our incredible weekend at the Big Bear Lake International Film Festival! First off, could there be a better setting for a festival? Gorgeous Big Bear Lake with its cooler climate was a great reprieve from Los Angeles and the stifling late summer heat. Fall was in the air, and it was downright delightful.   But really, it wasn't the weather and location that made the festival, it was the community of filmmakers and film-lovers. We met a plethora of talented indie filmmakers, from fellow Chapman alumni Jacques Edeline and Oliver Maudlin with their feature film

16 Sep 0 Comment

Olandar Screening

We had a spectacular night of painting, music, dance and film on Sunday in Malibu. This was more than just a screening, it was a celebration of all types of artistic talent. Held at Olandar, the home and creative haven of Carla and Leigh McCloskey, it was the perfect venue for a late summer screening. Through his art, Leigh has transformed Olandar into a visual soup for the artistic soul. We started the evening touring the Hieroglyph of the Human Soul, his studio. After experiencing the beautiful imagery of Leigh's art, Jagged performed in the garden. There's nothing like seeing dancers perf

29 Jul 0 Comment

Topanga Film Festival 2014 Recap

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a community to really give life to an independent film. Last week at the Topanga Film Festival, the community behind our film grew by leaps and bounds. In its 10th year, the Topanga Film Festival is a local festival with an artistic soul and warm heart. Run by the Topanga Film Institute it curates an incredible program of films that are courageous, educational, innovative, and action-invoking. It also has the unique artistic community of Topanga Canyon supporting it, and we felt we belonged the minute we arrived. The festival began with a

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MFF – World Premiere

What a week in New York! Our world premiere at the Manhattan Film Festival was everything we hoped it would be. We were nervous about showing the film publicly for the first time ever, but thankfully we had Jagged members Jessica Anderson-Gwin, Kristin McKnight, and Venus Morales to keep the jitters at bay! Taking the red-eye together, we arrived in NYC ready for an epic weekend of NY sights and indie films. First on the agenda (after a real NY bagel of course), was a special presentation at the West 14th Street Apple store. Matt and Katie shared the process of editing the film on Final

12 May 0 Comment

World Premiere June 29th!

We’re incredibly excited to announce the world premiere of Off the Floor at the Manhattan Film Festival Sunday, June 29th. Taking place at the Quad Cinema in New York City, the Manhattan Film Festival was named one of Moviemaker’s Coolest Festivals, which as you can imagine makes us feel pretty cool to be included. Along with the great location and stellar reputation, the festival’s grand prize is a week long theatrical run in NY. We hope you’ll be able to join us, tickets are available here, and also via Facebook. This day would have never happened without your support, thanks so m

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In Other Words

Last weekend we saw Jagged perform their 3rd full length show. It was in every way the kind of performance that was uniquely their style. After learning a lot about the world of pole dance these last few years, there still isn't a group we know about that is fusing modern dance and pole in this way. I wanted to blog because as we're finishing up the film, it's been a really long road and a lot of work. Watching Jagged perform this weekend was an amazing shot of inspiration and excitement because I felt like I was reliving that moment we first saw them in November of 2010 - almost 3 years

16 Jul 0 Comment

Jagged Featured on AM Radio!

Last week Jessica called us to say that they were going to be featured on "Francis Von Zernek's Head Full of Useless Information About Movies".  We of course tuned in.  The show asks them to list movies that inspired them as artists.  Being the cinema nerds we are, we thought it was really cool. But what blew us away is on this weeks episode when Sarah Mann listed Off the Floor as one of the movies that had a huge impact on her life.  It made us feel really special.  Truth is, our lives were changed by meeting and getting to know the incredible spirit that the ladies of Jagged have.  I

19 Dec 0 Comment

Interviews, Interviews, Interviews!

It might be winter, but we’re not hibernating! We’ve spent the month of December interviewing some of the most influential members of the pole community, hearing their incredible stories and their passion for pole.  Extensive list after the jump! Sergia Louise Anderson - Sergia is the winner of the 2012 Pacific Pole Championship and the 2012 Amateur USPDF Championship. We had a blast filming her at The Vertitude, her aerial arts and pole studio in Canoga Park. Sergia is a former professional dancer who also found herself in love with being able to dance off the floor. US Pole Dance Feder

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